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Reliable post-purchase support. There is a reason all our review are 5 Stars.

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Luxury real estate in Dubai is one of the most sought-after investment markets in the world — and for good reason: the property market is trending upwards, and the income tax is zero. It can be tricky to access that market, however — particularly if you’re an offshore investor or need onsite support, advice, and management of your portfolio.

Revo Realty is an end-to-end property investment specialist. We can find you the best property to buy in Dubai that suits your goals, facilitate the investment on your behalf, and connect you with trusted experts to manage the property for you post-purchase.


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We call it a No-Obligation Meeting for a reason. We give you all the information and you are free to go ahead with anyone you want or not go ahead at all.


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We understand your financials and mortgage eligiblity to structure a portfolio specific to your needs.


Site Visits (if needed)

If you want to visit the actual site of any of the investments we have suggested, we arrange for it the very next day.


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We know which are the best available inventories in any project. We also know how to get the possible approvals from the developer. We treat your transaction just like ours.


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We help you with your post-purchase hassles. From renting, reselling to property staging, Revo Realty will help you with all.

A Revolution in Dubai Real Estate

 We know what you expect when you hear ‘Real Estate Company’: all profit, no compassion. We do things differently at Revo — we don’t chase the high commission projects, overpromise and underdeliver, or add unnecessary fees when you buy real estate in Dubai. Instead, we strive to make the world a better place — for our clients, for our employees, and for society in general. What does that mean? It means that our client satisfaction rates are industry-leading. It means that our employee turnover is near zero. And it means that we contribute a percentage of every transaction to the charity of your choice.

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How to Make Apartments More Affordable in Dubai

December 13, 20223 min read

Have you been spending all your spare time searching property listings? Finding an affordable apartment to live in is a tough job.  

Should you rent or own a house?

If you’re not sure about the future yet or you don’t see yourself staying in Dubai–rental Properties are for you. 

But if you see yourself living in Dubai for about 5 years or more, buying an apartment is a better choice than paying high rent. 

Ready to learn the five ways you can find an affordable apartment? 

Learn more about the area

If you’re interested in a Dubai apartment don’t decide only by looking at the apartment itself. 

Visit the neighbourhood and talk to the locals already living there. Find out the rent prices and vacancies. 

You can also choose to visit leasing offices to get more information about the cost of the investment, prices, maintenance charges and quality of services in the complex. 

Decide when to move in 

The prices of apartments fluctuate depending on the ongoing season. Usually the best time to rent is during the winter months. 

Track the prices of the apartments that interest you in different seasons. 

Keep checking online local property listings, they may also provide you with a graph for previous rates and future trends. 

Pay more upfront

Paying a higher percentage as your initial payment is beneficial in reducing the monthly premium you have to pay later on. 

A developer may prefer the instant cash flow and you could get a better deal. 

Consider the trade-off 

Apartments in Dubai usually also provide basic amenities and premium facilities to their residents. These can include a fitness center, sauna, indoor pool, playground and free designated parking. 

You may have to give up on amenities in return for an affordable apartment. 

Area of choice 

While apartments located in the central areas are easily accessible by public transport; they tend to have a higher cost of living and prices.

You are more likely to find more space at a better cost a little far from the main city. 

Make sure to factor in the additional time for commute and cost of public transportation or parking.

Choose unfurnished apartments 

Furnished apartments are preferred for the ease and comfort they provide, requiring people to move in with their belongings in no time. 

The drawback? They are costlier and demand a higher percentage (10% instead of 5%) in terms of security deposit. 

Unfurnished apartments on the other hand, tend to have lower rental and maintenance charges. 

By opting for investing in an apartment, you’ll be able to cut down on the costs required to shift after every year or two. Buying a house is a good way to ensure that the amount you pay each month goes towards an investment instead of becoming an expense.

You can also qualify for UAE’s Golden Visa for Real Estate Investors in the region if you meet the necessary requirements. Learn more here.

Go through a broker 

While online listings are a good way to get information about affordable apartments. Real estate can be a tough market to navigate through. It can be hard to separate the false information from the accurate one.

Real Estate brokers can help you filter through the noise and get the best deals in the competitive real estate market in Dubai. 

Tired of scrolling through property listings? Don’t worry. We can find the perfect apartment for you. Schedule an appointment with Revo’s industry experts today. Call us at +971 48 183 183 or email us on

Apartments Apartments in Dubai Dubai Apartments Apartments in UAE Affordable Apartments


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